Boarding Immunizations, etc.

All puppies and dogs must be current on Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella, and Canine Influenza within 72 hours of boarding. Vaccine records must be in our office and confirmed before your pet(s) arrive. Please fax, email or drop a copy off prior to their date of drop off. 

All kittens and adults cats must be current on Rabies, Fvrcp within 72 hours and confirmed before your cat(s) arrive. Please fax, email or drop off a copy prior to their date of drop off.

No pet(s) will be accepted without these required vaccines.

Pet(s) that exhibit aggressive behavior toward other dogs/staff or with bite history will not be accepted.

Your pet(s) will be monitored throughout their stay and you will be updated at checkout on any issues of concern or suggestions for future stays as it relates to multiple pet boarding, feeding, etc.

If your pet(s) experiences any unforeseen, or unpredictable health-related issues, experience an unusual high level of anxiety that presents a risk to their safety or that of the staff or facility, you will be contacted immediately and arrangements made for pickup. We will take every measure of the highest level of safety for the well being of your pet(s) but knowing the many levels of pet care on an individualized basis, it is so important for us to know as much history on your pet(s) prior to or at the time of their arrival.