Dog Boarding

At Dogwood Inn Kennel & Pet Services, your pet(s) will have a safe, clean and private room that’s appropriate for his/her breed. We maintain our pet(s) area clean, sanitized, and comfortable. Each rooom is heated & air conditioned year round. Your pet(s) can also enjoy soothing music during their stay, as well as, night lights are visible during evening and sleep time.Upon arrival you will be required to complete your pet(s) background checklist. This form will be kept on file to allow us to know more detailed information on your pet(s) lifestyle.


We offer three room choices for boarding. When deciding which is suitable for your pet, we will ask your pet(s) size and weight, personality, their energy level, age, and length of stay. Multiple pets staying together will need a larger room to accommodate their comfort. We can help and assist you when making this decision. By providing key information on your pet(s) background, feeding, etc., will ensure they make a smooth transition from the home to the boarding environment.

•  Regular                (3’x4′) indoor room    (3’x12’) outdoor private run (under roof)
•  Large                   (6’x4′) indoor room    (6’x12’) outdoor private run (under roof)
•  Extra-Large        (9’x4′) indoor room    (9’x12’) outdoor private run (under roof)

Food & water bowls are provided as well as complimentary bedding if needed. We allow only one (1) non-porous pet approved pet item. No personal bedding or plush animals are accepted, but we have plenty of courtesy bedding so please inquire at the time of check for your pet’s needs. 

Large Breed? No Problem! The extra large room can accommodate dogs weighing up to 120 lbs. 

Senior Care

Our pets are family no matter their age. We love senior dogs even more knowing they have given up alot of their youthful years, and now,  it is even more important to return the love they gave for so many years. If your pet is showing signs of “health-related” concerns as it relates to intolerance to exercise, limited mobility, deafness, incontinence, blindness, etc. we will address each of these with you at the time of your call what is in the best interest of their care.  It may mean finding a caregiver or someone to come to your home versus the boarding experience. We can only accept those pets who are able to walk without assistance.  These are all questions we will discuss with you at the time of your call. 


We offer two (2) spacious, clean, fenced & perimeter protected outdoor yards with shade trees. Your pet (s) receives private playtime with a staff member, so if they have a favorite ball or frisbee,  feel free to bring that with you. If your pet loves water, we offer small pools they can cool off in or just to splash around (seasonal). Exercise time may be adjusted when weather conditions are not optimal. *(additional cost)



The importance of feeding your pet his/her food is very important. This will ensure that your pet is eating  what they receive at home.  Please pre-package in daily portions so we can keep them on their dietary schedule. Special food that requires refrigeration or microwave can be prepared also. For the safety of all our furry friends, we ask that no glass in any form or non-approved pet toys be brought into the facility. No large food bags due to limited space.


All medications must be clearly labeled and in their prescription bottles. We will discuss your pet(s) medical treatment and dosage at time of check-in.  You must provide the method of medication as you do at home such as dog treats, peanut butter, cheese, can dogfood, etc. We will make every attempt to administer oral and topical medications; however, keep in mind, we will or may not be able to do if there is a safety risk to staff.  If your pet doesn’t like it for you, they won’t like it here as well.  (The facility does not administer shots of any kind.)  *(additional fee)

Please see Hours – for dropoff times.

Cat Boarding

Cats might seem pretty independent, but we know they need just as much love as dogs do. All of our cat guests have their own cat condos in our cattery, a dog-free environment to provide them a safe, quiet, and more relaxing personal environment. Our guests’ quarters are kept clean, comfortable, and relaxing. Cat condos are open spaced so they have a view and get constant, loving attention from our staff.



Cats will have the opportunity to exercise in our cattery individually or with other cats from your family multiple times throughout each day at no charge.


We will make every attempt to administer oral and topical medications. All medication must be clearly labeled and in their prescription bottles. If your cat takes medication in pill pockets, peanut butter, cheese, or moist cat food, etc  please provide. (The facility do not administer shots of any kind).